Café Guillotine
Café Guillotine


We are Lilou & John, the vanguard of progressive reactionary music renaissance.

Born doxxed by the powers that be, we save the world from narrow-mindedness, re-define popular music and cook great vegetarian food at the same time. We love video games, odd music and hedonistic road trips. We eat chèvre-ruccola-fig marmelade sandwich for breakfast, question the media elite for lunch, and enjoy a lemon drink in the evening.

Belzebubbles is your Nr 1 culinary resort.


We started working on Belzebubbles in 2019, beside our other three main projects, the written podcast Café Guillotine, the online art gallery Madame Revolutionary and The Poet and the music duo Lilou & John.

We started this food blog to meet the demand for bad poetry to accompany a good lacto-ovo-vegetarian dinner, documented through history from the Celtic bards and the Norman trouvères to the present day reading-the-newspaper-at-breakfast routine.

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